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If you are looking for any type of discount business machines with a wide choice, quality equipment and big discounts, you will not be disappointed if you click on any of the following links.  Discount business machines including Ricoh and Canon photocopiers, including wide format and colour laser copiers.  Discount business machines including Audio Visual equipment from no less than twelve manufacturers.  Discount business machines including paper handling equipment such as folding machines, folder inserters and letter openers.  Discount business machines including paper trimmers, desktop and electronic paper guillotines.  Discount business machines such as paper shredders from eight manufacturers whose paper shredders are sold under a dozen or more different brand names.  Click on any of the links below to find the widest possible range of discount business machines all available from one supplier - ABT.  Five thousand customers since October 2002 cannot all be wrong.  Find out for yourself.

Audio Visual Equipment     

Canon Photocopiers 

Paper Handling Equipment

Print Finishing Equipment

Ricoh Photocopiers, Printers, Fax & Wide Format




Disount Business Machines Canon photocopier


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